Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief: Is Extraction the Best Option?

Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief: Is Extraction the Best Option?

Life seems to be streaming by, one minute you are full of glee and the next you are in excruciating tooth pain.  What gives?  You are keenly aware that your wisdom teeth (third molars) have just announced themselves.  You weren’t 100% sure they would arrive – but you are now!  You are not happy about it and here are the reasons why!  P A I N …. Jaw irritation, discomfort near new tooth growth, slowed eating, sometimes halted chewing and annoying cramps.  The culprit – your fresh wisdom teeth have made room in all four corners of your mouth and OUCH!

You can only grin and bear it for so long until you will need to act in removing your tooth pain.  There are options available that will bring much-needed solace to your sleepless nights and daytime slumber!

Why do you have pain and what shall you do about the overwhelming discomfort you are experiencing? 

Wisdom teeth become problematic due to crowding in specified areas (increase risks of impacting other teeth) toward the back of your mouth.  Teeth can also grow in crooked – causing jaw pain.  You will become symptomatic if an infection is in or around your wisdom teeth.  It is possible that cysts can form, and they will more than likely destroy bones in your mouth and damage surrounding teeth.  Trauma can occur from a tooth above, pushing into it, causing aches, pains, soreness, headaches tenderness, irritation, cramping or throbbing sensations for extended periods of time.  Wisdom teeth usually pop through between the ages of 17 and 25.  There are no guarantees that you will experience any of the clinical facts. It is better to be informed, prepared and have a plan then to be blindsided and oblivious to what happens next with treatment options.

Solutions for your wisdom teeth, pain relief, and healing

Oral Surgery (wisdom tooth extraction):  can be performed in your highly trained doctor’s office.  Anesthesia will be administered if a patient is aggressively stressed.  If your gums are red, swollen, or your wisdom tooth is stuck in your jaw – removing it will solve your problems.  You can expect some light bleeding a few days post-surgical procedure. Within a couple days, you will be feeling back to normal.

If pain is bearable and does not cause any additional innocuous issues – surgery will be not necessary.

Medications/Pharmaceutical Medical Scripts:

are not given out liberally due to the significant increase in becoming addicted to them.  Moderate pain can be kept under control to monitor the movement of teeth in upper and lower quadrants.  If a patient takes pain medications for longer periods of time, dosages tend to be increased due to your body normalizing pain over time.  Therefore, pharmaceutical scripts will be the last resort in healing your tooth pain.

At Family Covenant Dental Care, we want what is best for all our patients and devise healing protocols with everyone, pre-surgery.  Think positively and know our trained oral surgeons are eager to provide you with excellent care.

Regardless of why a patient requires oral surgery, the goal is to eliminate pain, prevent future problems, and create a beautiful smile. – Dr. Brown Ghoston, Family Covenant Dental Care


If you have any questions, please message us and we are happy to discuss treatment plans with you. Schedule your appointment today http://covenantfamilydentalcare.com/contact/.


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