Types of Dental Implants: Which one is Best for You?

Types of Dental Implants: Which one is Best for You?

People are attracted to others bright smiles – it can feel intoxicating to them when we flash our pearly whites!  Smiling makes us naturally gravitate towards people who show a genuine facial look.  But what if our teeth were crooked, or we were missing some, or they looked stained from years of food and drinks?  Would we still be as sexy as we want to be and desire to attract people into our lives?  Would people judge us for not having a perfect mouth area?  Would we be made fun of?

We can become very self-conscious, making us internalize fears that were not originally present. Sometimes, our self-esteem will diminish if our teeth are crooked or stained yellowish!  Walking around with a chipped or cracked tooth is embarrassing and we have just the solutions you are looking for.

Here at Family Covenant Dental Care http://covenantfamilydentalcare.com/ we are concerned about your worries, oral health and a creating a beautiful smile!

What are your options?

Dental Implants: “are a high-tech solution for people missing teeth.   We can help you regain your confidence.  As the closest thing you will get to having healthy and natural teeth, dental implants will allow you to smile, eat, laugh, and talk without reservation.  The implants that Dr. Brown-Ghoston places are so realistic that no one will know you had a dental procedure performed.”

How Do the Implants Work?   Custom porcelain crowns are made to be put over any teeth that are missing, cracked, discolored, chipped or broken, in any way.  The teeth roots that are made, bear a resemblance to screws.  They get planted into the jawbone and form a bond with your natural teeth.  They will chew like normal teeth.

Permanent Dentures are also an option for your dental needs.

Dentures:  they are a frame that holds one or more of your teeth, made from an impression prior to molding.  They can be uncomfortable and hard to get used to.  They do look as natural as your original set of teeth and are more comfortable than previously stated by our patients.  We also recommend replacing them every three to four years.

What benefits will you reap from these solutions?

Restoring your confidence and beauty.  Not having to constantly worry what you look like and your state of being will hopefully be at peace.  You will enjoy smiling again and never second guess your looks.  Your teeth will blend together, making your mouth look like it flows.

Whatever choice you make in repairing your teeth, allow our caring experts, guide you into making the right informed choice. We are sure to lead you every step of the way.  Make an appointment with us today http://covenantfamilydentalcare.com/contact/.

Making you feel good and bringing your gorgeous shine back – is what we strive for.

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