Struggling with Tooth Discoloration?

Struggling with Tooth Discoloration?

Whether you’re getting married, starting a new job, or meeting old friends, you must celebrate it with your best smile. Did you know a dentist can help? Yes, and in a number of ways too!

Professional Whitening

Since teeth are porous, with time, substances present in food, beverages, and tobacco products can stain the surface of your teeth. This is referred to as staining. If you feel your teeth look stained, you can have your teeth whitened professionally. Professional whitening is the fastest, most effective, and longest-lasting method of achieving a bright smile.

Your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure there are no pre-existing conditions, such as cavities or gum disease, that needs to be treated before whitening. In that case, first the pre-existing condition will be treated.

For whitening, your dentist will use a gel with better and concentrated whitening ingredients compared to over-the-counter products. S/he will ensure that your gums are protected during the entire process.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains are below the tooth’s surface of the tooth, and usually harder to remove. These stains might result from an injury to the tooth or exposure to a medication while the tooth is forming. Bonding or veneers are better options for such stains.

Existing Dental Work

When you are considering veneers or tooth bonding, your dentist will choose the color that matches best with your natural teeth. If you already have some dental work in place that you would like to whiten, composite and porcelain dental work can be polished. If the color is not a good match for your natural teeth any longer, you may consider replacing your existing dental work.


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