Pediatric (Children) Dentistry

In dentistry, it is common practice for dentists to either focus on adults or children. In other words, seldom does one dentist offer both family and pediatric (children) dentistry. At Covenant Family Dental Care, Dr. Vermelle Brown-Ghoston cares for patients of all ages. Along with more traditional dentistry, she specializes in multiple areas.


We understand that the experience a child has when visiting the dentist for the first time is what sets the stage for the future. Unfortunately, children feed off their parents, so when adults dislike visiting the dentist, kids will, too. We want to turn what children perceive as a frightening experience into a productive, pleasant, and non-scary event.


We accomplish that by being friendly and showing patience, as well as using simple words to explain each treatment. At the same time, we hope that our words reach the parents, so they can support their children’s trips to the dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


New Teeth Arrival


Baby teeth usually erupt around 6 months, sometimes a little later. They will continue coming in until about the age of 3. As expected, the arrival of new teeth often causes some degree of soreness. To alleviate the discomfort, you can gently rub a cold, wet cloth across the gums or use a frozen teething ring. Due to the tenderness, it is common for children to appear fussy and refuse to eat. Talk to your doctor about pain medication if needed and stick with soft foods for a while.


Although children only have baby teeth at age 1, by bringing them to Covenant Family Dental Care to see Dr. Brown-Ghoston, they become accustomed to the clinic. Early visits also give them the opportunity to bond with the dentist and her incredible team. As the children age, they have no fear of having their teeth checked, cleaned, and repaired.


Healthy Oral Hygiene


As baby and adult teeth erupt, do a home examination about every two weeks. You want to look for any sign of decay, such as discoloration or lines. Also, adopt healthy oral hygiene habits that include limiting sugary foods and liquids, as well as brushing and flossing after every meal.


Make daily oral hygiene fun by buying your child a colorful or character toothbrush along with toothpaste that tastes good. Make sure not to use a product with fluoride until your child turns 2.


Remember the importance of regular checkups. Because of the foods and beverages that children like and that getting them to brush and floss is often a challenge, it is essential that you bring your child in for regular visits. While there, Dr. Brown-Ghoston will examine the teeth. If she finds something, perhaps a cavity, she will recommend the best course of action.


For optimal oral health and beautiful white teeth, your child should visit the dentist every six months. Along with routine care, the dentist suggests a fluoride treatment twice a year. Once permanent teeth are in, you can talk to Dr. Brown-Ghoston about having your child’s teeth sealed.


Caring for Younger Patients


If you wait until after age 1, we will do everything in our power to put you and your child at ease. Because Covenant Family Dental Care focuses on the entire family, we have a unique area where smaller children can entertain themselves until it is time to see the dentist.


We also have a dedicated team of chairside professionals who genuinely enjoy the younger patients. They have a lot of patience, and through experience and education, they know how to relate to kids of all ages. Instead of feeling afraid, our younger patients look forward to coming in for their next appointment. To them, Covenant Family Dental Care is a fun place to go.


Dr. Brown-Ghoston’s goal is to teach children at a young age the importance of proper oral hygiene. Working in a kid-friendly environment, she and her staff educate both children and their parents. Along with routine preventative treatments, we offer extensive restorative care. When it comes to pediatric dentistry, we hold ourselves to high standards of care, friendliness, and quality.


The one thing that kids fear the most is having a cavity filled. By talking with the patient and using an innovative technique, children seldom complain about the numbing process. When finished, most kids entertain themselves by trying to make funny faces with a numb mouth. At Covenant Family Dental Care, we enjoy working with all kids, whether shy and timid or brave and talkative.


Our pediatric dentistry includes various treatment options that cater to every child. We understand that kids respond differently than adults. For that reason, we adjust our approach as needed. We want children to have a positive experience when seeing Dr. Brown-Ghoston at the clinic.