Do you have one or more missing teeth that make you reluctant to smile? Do you wear dentures that slip and make chewing difficult? If you answered yes to either question, Covenant Family Dental Care can help. Dr. Vemelle Brown-Ghoston performs dental implant surgery to restore oral health and create beautiful smiles.


Today, dental implants are a high-tech solution for people missing teeth. They have become so popular that in the United States alone, more than 3 million people have them, with 500,000 more getting them every year.


We can help you regain your confidence. As the closest thing you will get to having healthy and natural teeth, dental implants will allow you to smile, eat, laugh, and talk without reservation. The implants that Dr. Brown-Ghoston places are so realistic that no one will know you had a dental procedure performed.



Dental implants are like artificial tooth roots that resemble screws. Once placed into the jawbone, they begin to bond with natural bone. As a result, they provide a strong and stable foundation that supports crowns. Using a surgical-grade titanium post prevents infection and rejection by the body.


Along with making custom porcelain crowns to cover cracked, discolored, and broken teeth, Dr. Brown-Ghoston uses them to fit over the implant. These crowns are also strong, durable, and long lasting, giving you a beautiful smile.


Although the dental implants we perform at Covenant Family Dental Care are usually to replace missing teeth or as part of permanent dentures, because they maintain the integrity of the teeth on both sides of a gap, they also replace bridges.


The titanium dental implants that we offer are incredibly strong devices for supporting replacement teeth. In addition to the crowns looking and feeling 100 percent natural, they function just like regular teeth. Performed by Dr. Brown-Ghoston, this oral surgery is one of the safest and most predictable in dentistry.


For adult patients, dental implants are a smart choice. However, because Covenant Family Dental Care treats patients of all ages, we also offer dental implants to teenagers once facial growth is complete. For more on this, you can consult with Dr. Brown-Ghoston.


  • Appearance – The dental implants we offer at Covenant Family Dental Care look, feel, and function so much like regular teeth, most people forget they have them. As part of your daily routine, you would brush and floss the implants. That means when used as permanent dentures, you never have to remove them for cleaning. Since dental implants fit perfectly, they will retain the patient’s natural smile and facial shape.
  • Long Lasting – When properly cared for, dental implants can easily last for several decades. The problem with bridges and dentures is that most need replacing within 5 to 10 years.


  • Newfound Confidence – Dental implants are so secure you never have to worry about them clicking or slipping when you laugh, smile, talk, or eat. Even your speech sounds perfectly normal.


  • Protection – The loss of one or more teeth can lead to problems like jawbone deterioration. Because the implants stimulate bone growth, they protect healthy teeth and facial bone.


For dental implants, you would schedule an appointment with Covenant Family Dental Care. During your initial consultation, a member of the Dream Team will take X-rays or 3-D images of your mouth. From there, Dr. Brown-Ghoston will perform a thorough examination to determine your implant options.

At your next scheduled appointment, the dentist places the implant in the jawbone at the place of the missing tooth or teeth. With sedation available, you will experience little to no pain or discomfort. Typically, most patients return to work the following day, although you may have slight bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain. Most patients do well with over-the-counter pain medication.


While heating, the dental implant and jawbone fuse. This process, called osseointegration, forms a strong and long-lasting foundation for the new crowns. For the first few weeks, you will stay on a soft food diet to allow proper healing. Then in roughly two to three months, your mouth will heal completely.


With the implants bonded to the jawbone, Dr. Brown-Ghoston places an abutment, which is a small connector, on the dental implant just above the gumline. Keep in mind that sometimes, she places the abutment during the implant procedure. When the gums fully heal, she attaches custom-made crowns to the abutment.


Enjoy a Perfect Smile


Regardless of why you need dental implants, it is essential that you turn to a trusted source. With the dental implant procedure that Dr. Brown-Ghoston performs at Covenant Family Dental Care, you will experience a new level of confidence that shows in everything you do. Contact us today to discuss dental implants and how they will benefit you.