How to help you children cultivate Good Oral Habits?

How to help you children cultivate Good Oral Habits?

While helping kids develop good oral habits can feel challenging, it can be easier if you can stick to a dental schedule for your children and teach good dental behavior.

Here are some great parenting tips to teach your kids the importance of good oral health and developing good dental habits.

Dental Schedule

The key to long-term dental health and minimizing the risk of dental problems is to stick to this schedule. These are a few important milestones for your children’s teeth and when they need to see a dentist:

  • Pre-teeth dental care – For the first 6 months of a child’s life, provide your children with a healthy diet so that they develop healthy teeth.
  • The first teeth – As soon as a child’s first tooth comes in, visit a pediatric dentist for an initial screening. Plan for regular visits since the primary teeth are now developing.
  • Their permanent teeth – The baby teeth fall out and the permanent teeth replace them between the age of 6 and 11. Apart from routine dental exams, teach children to brush their own teeth at this point.

Teach Good Dental Habits

As soon as your child can hold a toothbrush, start ensuring that they should know how to properly brush their teeth as well as understand why it’s so important.

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