How beneficial are Single-Tooth Dental Implants?

How beneficial are Single-Tooth Dental Implants?

A large number of people have lost at least one tooth by the time they are a senior. Some people think of it as only a cosmetic issue. But few know that a missing tooth can result in several other mild to severe health issues, such as bone loss, bite misalignment, change in facial appearance and Temporo-Mandibular Disorder.

This is why if you have recently lost a tooth or need tooth extraction, your dentist would advise you to restore your facial structure and smile with single-tooth dental implants.

In addition to enabling you to eat and speak properly, teeth serve several important functions. The roots of your teeth go deep into the jaw bone and stimulate the bone. This maintains bone strength. The absence of teeth and stimulation weakens the bone structure and may also lead to facial deformities, gum disease, improper occlusion and even tooth decay. Removable dentures may resolve some issues related to missing teeth, but not all of them.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are devices that involve a titanium rod that serves as an anchor into the jaw bone where the tooth has fallen out or has been extracted. To the top of this rod, a small device is attached. This device acts as a seat for the crown. Customized crowns are then designed and fixed on top in a way that perfectly matches the shape and color of the rest of the natural teeth. This is a lasting solution to the problem of the missing tooth and helps to restore the facial appearance and smile.

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

Single-tooth dental implants are extremely successful. Your dentist will first look at your medical history and examine your gums to ensure no serious oral health issues are present or developing that could affect the dental implant.

The a single-tooth dental implant procedure begins with the implant being skillfully anchored into the jaw bone. It is allowed to heal so that the bone attaches to the implant. Once the healing is complete, the custom-made crown is attached to complete the dental implant and the patient’s smile.

With good aftercare, the dental implant titanium rod can last the patient’s an entire lifetime while the crown would last for 15 years, even longer. Single-tooth dental implants have enabled many patients to be able to enjoy their favorite foods and speak and smile with confidence, in addition to restoring a proper bite and facial appearance.

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